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Selkbag Pro / Nomad Recycled - 3-season sleeping bag with high-quality Primaloft® Black Insulation | Blue Navy

SKU:  BE-SB-1216 Category:  Winter Camping
As warm as a nice thick down jacket, but still free to move around.

The Selk'bag Pro Recycled isn't just another 100% recycled sleeping bag - it's the wearable sleeping bag.
More functional and thoughtful than other Selk'bag sleeping bags, the Selk'bag Pro Recycled is, so to speak, the top product for your outdoor adventures.

When you're outdoors, you need to stay warm. And the Selk'bag Pro won't let you down. It features 300 gsm Primaloft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume®, a revolutionary insulation technology that mimics natural down and keeps you warm even when wet. Say goodbye to cold nights where you wake up shivering.

But warmth isn't enough, you also need freedom of movement. The Selk'bag Pro's seamless baffle construction allows you to move your arms and legs as naturally as you would in normal clothing. Whether you're stargazing, enjoying a frosty morning, spending a cozy night by the campfire, or bundled up in a rooftop tent while the snow falls, the Selk'Bag Pro is an invaluable, useful campanion for anyone who feels at home outdoors.

The right size? Quite simple:

138 - 150 cm height


151 - 165 cm height


166 - 180 cm height


181 - 193 cm height



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Productinformation in detail
Selk'bag Pro Recycled: Your sustainable campanion for cold nights and frosty days

Have you ever woken up with snow on your roof tent or tent - a fantastic experience - everything is shining outside, you think the air should be tinkling - wonderful to watch - if only you didn't have to peel out of your sleeping bag. Brrr.

With the Selk'bag Pro - Wearable Sleeping Bag - this is no longer a problem - just leave it on while you get your circulation going - or wear it all day - it doesn't matter - this portable sleeping bag is light as a feather, doesn't restrict your movements and is just super comfortable.

The high-end version of Selk'bag's wearable sleeping bags boasts even more comfort, improved features, and an ultra-light, yet wonderfully warm insulation layer made from perhaps the most groundbreaking filling material on the market today: Primaloft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume®.

There's no such thing as bad weather - it's just the wrong gear.

As you can imagine, we're not fans of diesel heaters - the right gear makes winter camping a unique experience even without this not-so-environmentally friendly heating system. But not only for winter camping, but for all other outdoor activities during the cold season. Use the Portable Sleeping Bag during your activities or simply after to warm up and still be able to move freely and relaxed.

The materials are not only 100% recycled. They are also super comfortable against your skin. Soft, lightweight, and quiet, you'll barely feel it and still be wrapped up in warmth. High-tech Primaloft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume® insulation has the same properties as premium goose down. It is:

  • Super light yet wonderfully warm
  • comfortably soft
  • Water repellent
  • Perfectly compressible for a small pack size
From the Andes to your outdoor gear

Designed to withstand the challenges of their outdoor adventures in the Chilean Andes, the designers turned their own needs and desires for a sustainable and highly functional outdoor accessory into reality. A portable sleeping bag that gives you the freedom of movement you need for your adventures, keeps you warm without weighing you down, and is packed with useful and thoughtful features that make it a campanion you won't want to be without.

Thoughtful features for lasting comfort

From the adjustable hood that hugs your head to the multiple zippers that either keep you cool and ventilated when it gets too warm or are conveniently placed to let you reach important items in your pockets, to the integrated balaclava that not only works in windy and cold conditions, but also as a nose protector when you're sleeping, it's all designed to let you move as freely and worry-free as if you weren't wearing it.

Convenient arm loops allow you to keep your hands warm or move freely. Zip-off booties either keep your feet nice and warm or give you the option of wearing your shoes - for indoor use, the booties are made of a different, more durable fabric - think slippers in a sleeping bag.

Perfect construction for the best insulation

Outer fabric: 100% recycled polyester

Lining: 100% recycled polyester

Insulation: 300 g/m² Primaloft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume® insulation - equivalent to 550 fill power, making it wonderfully warm and soft.


Shipping weight: 1,80 kg
Item weight: 1,80 kg


Features that redefine comfort and functionality
Sustainable perfection

Made from 100% recycled materials, including Primaloft® Black ThermoPlume® insulation and recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. Each Selk'bag Pro is made from 140 recycled plastic bottles and durable YKK® Natulon® Recycled zippers.

Exceptional warmth

Primaloft® Black insulation ThermoPlume® keeps you warm even when wet. So you won't freeze on cool, damp nights. Primaloft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume® is a groundbreaking, sustainable material that offers the same benefits as premium goose down. At 300 grams per square meter, the insulation is equivalent to 550 down fill (550 CUIN or 550 cubic inches - the higher the value, the warmer the product - the higher the volume, the higher the air cushion, and thus the insulation layer that keeps you warm).

Elasticated hand warmers

Easy-access hand openings make slipping your hands in and out a breeze.

Kangaroo pocket

Put your hands down or keep your essentials close at hand

Adjustable hood

Insulated, adjustable hood ensures a perfect fit and keeps you warm.

Detachable booties

Removable, durable nylon booties allow you to wear your own shoes or use as a sleeping bag.

Cargo pocket

Convenient cargo pocket keeps your mobile phone and other essentials close at hand.

Leg vents

Zippered leg vents make it easy to regulate your temperature as the weather warms up.

Side access

Additional side zips allow you to access the inside pockets of your trousers without having to open the whole sleeping bag.

Hollow Fibre Insulation & Soft Inner and Outer Layers

Synthetic insulation with down like properties keeps you warm when you are outdoors and just as warm when you are sleeping. Both the outer and inner layers are made from super-soft, cuddly polyester that makes no noise when you move.

Integrated storm mask

In extreme conditions, the integrated storm mask provides extra warmth and protection from cold winds.

Easy care

Machine washable, although your Selk'Bag should always be air dried. Did you know that it is much better for the material if you pack the Selk'Bag in the stuff sack rather than rolling it up, and that it is best to pack it compressed? In this way, the bounce of the insulating layer is preserved for much longer, as the fibres can stretch as they need to and are virtually not pressed into a false shape that would affect the bounce in the long run.

Size Chart

  S M L XL
Height up to 150 cm up to 165 cm up to 180 cm up to 193 cm
Girth Chest up to 102 cm 102 - 110 cm 110 - 118 cm 118 - 130 cm
Girth Waist up to 100 cm 100 - 108 cm 108 - 116 cm 116 - 128 cm
Girth Hip up to 102 cm 102 - 110 cm 110 - 118 cm 118 - 130 cm
Leg - Inner Length up to 65 cm 65 - 75 cm  75 - 85 cm 85 - 95 cm






Are you somewhere in-between?

If you want to sleep more comfortably, you'll want a larger size. If you want to move around more, a tighter fit is obviously better so that you are not restricted.

But if you're in between sizes, we recommend you go for the larger one - you'll find it's better for sleeping and cuddling!


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