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Twistbox - Foldable and rollable roof box | 520 L

SKU:  TB-1000 Category:  Nice to have

The Twistbox foldable roof box revolutionizes the roof box market

Imagine a roof box in your closet? Can you? Neither could we - until we met the Twistbox.

A roof box that is not only ultra-light, but also has a capacity of an incredible 520 liters and can be folded up into a compact roll that will even fit into a wardrobe.

✔ Foldable & easy to roll up

✔ Very large packing volume with approx. 520 L

✔ Easy to assemble and convenient side loading

✔ Compatible with all standard roof racks

✔ Very easy to stow away when rolled up for storage

✔ Reduces air resistance by approximately 25% (compared to a conventional roof box of similar size)

✔ Significantly less noise (no whistling or howling)

✔ Weighs only approx. 15 kg


Set up (L x W x H): ca. 200 x 82 x 35 cm

  Rolled up (L x W x H): ca. 82 x 35 x 35 cm

Available immediately
Delivery time: 2 - 4 Workdays

849,00 €
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Productinformation in detail

Twistbox - the first folding roof box

The Twistbox roll-up roof box is not only a revolution in the roof box market, but a truly groundbreaking invention that not only makes traveling much easier, but also saves fuel.

It is a product that is definitely not to be missed in our product range.

Why is the Twistboxes roof box a real game changer for us?

We loved this roof box from the first second we saw it. Why do you ask? Notwithstanding the fact that it really is an absolute novelty on the roof box market, this roof box is the first one that we would actually consider for private use.

Thanks to its lightweight construction and aerodynamic design, it can even be attached to the roof rack systems of roof tents. We also like the fact that the box can be opened from the side as well as the top. This makes it even more interesting to use as an additional storage option on the roof tent.

And last but not least - in addition to the incredible load capacity despite its light weight, the absolute plus point is of course the fact that the Twistboxes roof box can be rolled up to a compact size and stored in a closet or even under the bed.

Is a folding roof box stable?

Of course, at first you might be confused about the extent to which a foldable roof box can actually be stable. However, thanks to the well thought-out design down to the last detail, you don't need to worry about stability and robustness.

The base plate of the Twistbox roof box forms a sturdy steel skeleton that is folded for rolling up and must be repositioned and anchored in the longitudinal position when the roof box is set up. In combination with the individual stainless steel plates bound with fabric, you get a very strong "base plate" that serves as the basis for the entire body.

The sidewalls and lid are made of 3mm thick plastic panels, which are also covered with high-strength 1680D Oxford fabric. The result is a solid outer frame that retains its shape even when the roof box is empty and will not flutter while driving.

You can even use the Twistboxes roof box to carry something else, such as a SUP or surfboard - there are attachment points on the top plate in the form of sturdy, sewn-in straps that can be pulled through at intervals for lashing straps or other attachment systems.

For whom is the Twistboxes roof box suitable?

That's the best part - this roof box is truly suitable for any car due to its light weight, although there is a slight limitation:
Don't forget the 200cm length when it's set up. We would not recommend the roof box for a SMART or other two-seaters that do not even have a basic length of 200 cm.

Of course, it is also important to know the dynamic roof load of your vehicle and to fill the Twistboxes roof boxes only according to these specifications.

The Twistbox roof box is for those who need more storage space outside the vehicle, for those who do not necessarily have space to store a roof box when they do not need it and do not want to carry it unnecessarily on the vehicle, and of course, and this is the highlight of the whole thing, for those who can no longer use their underground parking with a roof box - because we have not yet mentioned this point: you can fold in the side walls and simply leave the roof box flat on your car when you are not using it.

Shipping weight: 15,00 kg
Item weight: 15,00 kg


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