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LifeStraw Mission 12L

SKU:  BE-LS-1100 Category:  Adventuredog

High-performance gravity water bag with high-tech filtration system (12 liters).

Practical outdoor accessory, reliable survival kit, or simple solution for clean drinking water whenever you need it - all are possible with this portable, leak-proof water bag with integrated filter system.

The built-in high-capacity filter purifies contaminated water into clean, clear drinking water.

  • 12 l capacity | Hose length: 70.1 cm with 32 cm attached filter system with tap
  • Flow rate: 12 l/h
  • Water bag dimensions: 60.5 x 17 cm | empty weight: 0.53 kg
  • High-tech membrane ultrafilter with a lifetime of up to 18,000 liters removes

99.999% of viruses (including rotavirus, hepatitis A)

99.999999% of bacteria (including E. coli, salmonella)

99.999% of parasites (including Giardia, Cryptosporidium)

99.999% of microplastics and turbidity (silt, sand)

  • Extremely durable food-grade TPU-coated nylon construction
  • Replaceable filters and parts
  • absolutely leak proof


Scope of delivery:

12-liter gravity bag with QuickConnect adapter and hose | water treatment cartridge | built-in backwash system


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Productinformation in detail

We've all been there - when you travel, especially to other countries, drinking water and its storage is an important consideration.

Clean drinking water, as it comes out of the tap in Germany, is not the standard everywhere, so it is important to provide yourself with adequate reserves for the trip. There is the option of a water canister with a faucet that you fill before the trip and possibly equip with carbon filters or silver balls for a longer shelf life, or you simply buy drinking water locally - preferably in disposable plastic bottles.

For us, the LifeStraw Mission - Water Bag is not only a fantastic way to store and produce clean water while traveling or camping, but it is also a great backup at home where we often have highly chlorinated tap water.

The smart on-the-go water filtration system reduces the waste of purchased water in plastic bottles, helps conserve our scarce resources, and gives you total freedom on your travels and outdoor adventures.

Leak proof in a sturdy water pouch with a solid closure, you can also transport the filled water pouch in your vehicle without having to worry about it leaking while you are driving. With the sturdy strap, you can attach it to any stable, elevated position - a tree, your roof rack, or, if there is enough room in your RV, a hook or directly to the headrests.

Membrane Ultrafilter vs. Membrane Microfilter?

The pore size is the difference.

The LifeStraw Mission's membrane ultrafilter has pores that are 0.02 microns in size, while the membrane microfilter has pores that are 0.2 microns in size.

Both work by the same mechanism, but the ultrafilter retains viruses because of its smaller pores.

When dirty water enters the ultrafilter, the microscopic pores retain viruses, bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, and other contaminants. Clean water passes through the pores of the membranes, making it microbiologically safe to drink.

Because of the smaller pores, ultrafilters often have lower flow rates or require more pressure to clean water than microfilters.

Color: blue
Shipping weight: 0,50 kg
Item weight: 0,50 kg


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