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INTREPID GEO 3.0 Rooftop Tent

SKU:  YA-1237 Category:  Tents & Roof Tents

The Intrepid Geo 3.0 rooftop tent is our favorite for the whole family

Finally, a hard-shell roof tent that is not only lightweight and durable, but also has room and space for the whole family.

✔ Sleeping area: 155 x 220 cm

✔ Fantastic headroom of almost 150 cm thanks to the unusual design

✔ Unbelievably flat with a height of only 17 cm when folded up

✔ Assembles and disassembles in just 60 seconds

✔ Sturdy aluminum hard shell with honeycomb construction

✔ Very light at only 85 kg


And of course, like all Intrepid roof tents:

  • Integrated roof windows
  • Two lockable zippers
  • Removable ladder for individual access from the side or back of the vehicle
  • High-strength rip-stop nylon fabric
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Lockable bottom vent that doubles as access for solar wiring
  • Interior storage pockets
  • Small canopies for side entrances | windows
  • 3D 1"| 2.54 cm mesh carpet pad for better ventilation under the mattress and less condensation
  • 2 tension straps to attach to the tent fabric - makes it easier to close the tent

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Productinformation in detail

The perfect small family roof tent - the Intrepid Geo 3.0

The Intrepid Geo 3.0 is clearly our favorite among the aluminium roof tents.

With an effective sleeping area of 155 x 200 cm, it can accommodate not only 2 adults and 2 dogs, but also a family of four.

Are you the adventurous type, always looking to find the next beautiful spot, the next fantastic place to sleep? Then the roof tent is what you need.

As always, this Intrepid rooftop tent offers all the advantages of an aluminum hard-shell tent:

  • Super flat when closed on the vehicle - your gas tank will thank you!
  • Quick to set up and take down
  • Can be easily left on the vehicle all year round

But these advantages, which we know and love from all hard-shell roof tents, are supplemented here by three real plus points.

Thanks to the perfectly thought-out design, this roof tent offers a fully usable sleeping area, a fabulous headroom of almost 150 cm, and you can also store additional equipment on top of your roof tent with the roof rack.

Perfect for tall folks

At the heart of the patented design is the patented fold-away roof, which creates 36% more living space thanks to an additional hinge.

The result is not only an interior height of almost 150 cm, but also a truly usable sleeping area, which is otherwise only found in folding roof tents or the classic hard-shell roof tents

Set up and tear down in 60 seconds

The Intrepid Geo 3.0 is a real game changer, especially for adventurous people like us who like to sleep in a different place every night and take spontaneous short trips outside of our vacations. It can be set up in 60 seconds and taken down just as quickly.

Thanks to the handy little tension straps that you can attach to the inside of the tent fabric, it automatically pulls the fabric into the center of the roof tent, and the annoying "stuffing" of the tent fabric between the floor and ceiling panels is a thing of the past.

Rugged and lightweight

The 7" shell of the Intrepid Geo 3.0 is made of sturdy aluminum with a honeycomb structure, making it super strong and able to carry an additional 150 kg when closed. However, you will need to check that this is still compatible with your vehicle's dynamic roof load - feel free to contact us if you are unsure!



: Rooftop Tent
Shipping weight: 80,00 kg
Item weight: 80,00 kg

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Inner door pockets for quick and easy storage of door panels and bedding. *net and organizer sold separately


Carefully designed vents on all four corners, roof, and floor improve ventalation without sacrificing waterproof design


2 inch (5,04 cm) thick mattress and 1 inch (2,54 cm) condensation reduction mat maintain airflow for a good night's sleep under the stars


Dual tracks on the base of Geo with easy access for awnings and other car-side attachments


Enjoy the views from three large windows and built in skylight


Dual panel windows and doors


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