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Matador/Volcom Packable Beach Towel - Beach Towel in Practical Travel Case

SKU:  BE-MA-1185 Category:  Nice to have

Lightweight and compact beach towel in a convenient travel case (152 x 76 cm).

The Volcom X Matador Packable Beach Towel is an innovative collaboration between Volcom and Matador that combines the best of surf culture and lightweight travel. Made from nanofibers, this beach towel is ultra-light yet extremely absorbent, capable of holding 2.3 times its own weight in water. It dries quickly and fits into any pocket to save space. The hidden zippered pocket keeps your valuables safe at the beach, and when you don't need them, you can stow the folded towel inside. At 76 x 152.5 cm, it's the same size as a standard beach towel and offers plenty of room to relax. This eco-friendly travel accessory is not only functional, but also sustainable, as it is made of nanofiber material that absorbs water efficiently. The Volcom X Matador Beach Towel is a must-have for eco-conscious travelers who value comfort, functionality and sustainability.


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Productinformation in detail

The Volcom X Matador Packable Beach Towel is the result of an exciting collaboration between Volcom, a pioneer in surf culture, and Matador, an expert in lightweight and practical travel. This product combines the best of both worlds to provide travelers with an innovative and sustainable beach towel that combines a sense of adventure with environmental awareness.

The unique nanofiber material, which is both lightweight and highly absorbent, is at the heart of the product. Thanks to its special properties, the towel can absorb 2.3 times its own weight in water, making it the ideal companion for days at the beach, water sports activities or for jumping into the cool water during a hike. Never carry a heavy, wet towel again as this towel dries quickly between uses.

This beach towel's hidden zippered pocket provides a convenient and secure way to store your valuables at the beach. Keys, cell phone, money or other important items can be safely stored. When not in use, the pocket can be flipped over and the towel stored compactly in the same pocket. This smart design adds to the efficiency and functionality of the product.

The beach towel is the same size as traditional beach towels (76 x 152.5 cm), providing ample space for relaxing on the beach. When not in use, it can be easily folded and stored in a backpack or beach bag to save space.

All in all, the Volcom X Matador Packable Beach Towel is an essential accessory for all travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It combines innovation, sustainability and functionality in a compact and practical design.

Sustainability: PFC Free
Shipping weight: 0,15 kg
Item weight: 0,15 kg


Volcom x Matador
  • Ultralight nanofiber material
  • Absorbs 2.3 times its own weight in water
  • Size of large beach towel 76 x 152.5 cm
  • Fast drying
  • Hidden zippered pocket for keys/phone that converts to storage pouch
  • Machine washable

Towel size
  • Weight: 155 g
  • Dimensions unpacked: 76 x 152.5 cm
  • Packed dimensions: 15.25 x 12.7 x 4.5 cm

  • Matador Nanofiber fabric (absorbs 2.3 times its own weight in water)
  • YKK zippers


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