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Grüezi Bag

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GRÜEZI BAG - from innovative sleeping bags to functional, sustainable outdoor jackets.

The comparatively young brand from Bavaria has made it its mission to take outdoor sleeping comfort to the next level, not only breaking new ground, but also setting high goals in terms of sustainability, durability and resource-saving production.

Contrary to the current trend of making sleeping bags as small as possible and as narrow as a sausage skin, Grüezi Bag is all about a truly restful outdoor sleep. That doesn't mean that we don't care about small pack size and light weight, but sleeping comfort is our primary concern. That means you'll find sleeping bags that are ergonomically designed to give you room to relax at night and start your next outdoor adventure fit and rested.

Grüezi Bag is best known for its innovative DownWool insulation - a combination of two proven natural fibers that complement each other perfectly thanks to the ingenious material composition and are characterized by an optimal sleeping climate, lightness and long-lasting warmth.

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