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All-In One Cast Iron Grill the perfect outdoor kitchenbuddy

SKU:  BB-1169 Category:  Camp Kitchen

The portable, cast-iron wood and charcoal grill from Barebones not only completes your camping kitchen, but is equally well suited for a barbecue in the garden and gives every dish the incomparable touch of cooked or grilled from a cast-iron pot over an open flame.

A really incredibly well thought-out product that can be used in so many ways that you can actually do without a gas stove. For the trip or for storage, the rack was designed so that you can simply put it in the pot together with the roasting and grilling inserts, the windshield and the practical lever handle, put the lid on with the strap neatly lashed, pack into the car and you're back on the road in search of the next little paradise for the night.

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Productinformation in detail

With this All-IN ONE cast iron grill or actually better outdoor grill and cooking talent, there is nothing you can not do. Use it as a grill, as a wok, as a skillet or stew pot, even the individual parts can be used wonderfully individually:

You can easily hang a cast iron pan with a diameter of 25 or 30 cm in the practical stand system, the grill inserts can be used directly over an open fire or use the pot directly on hot coals for stews. Every combination and variation is possible with this camping grill whether with direct or indirect heat - cast iron is suitable for both and gives every dish an incredibly delicious flavor.


  • a camping grill that combines everything in itself - from the functions to the small, thoughtful pack size
  • High-quality cast iron, already embedded and burnt out
  • stable, foldable stand construction with anchor points for pegs for a better stand and different height insertion points for the charcoal basin
  • pot can be used with or without stand
  • grill grate and griddle or better baking tray for use in the pot or directly on the grill stand
  • Cooking with direct or indirect heat - everything is possible
  • 3,8 l capacity - with a pot size (lower part) of 38,1 x 38,1 x 12,7cm
  • like all cast iron cooking utensils super easy to clean

Our Tip:

For cleaning, you should actually just use warm water and a soft cloth. Afterwards, be sure to rub with a thin layer of oil, it is best to take rapeseed or sunflower oil for this, as these oils do not go rancid.

For solid burned now our little insider:
Reheat your cast iron pot, add oil and additionally some salt - let the whole thing cool down and clean everything with a soft cloth, after that please leave in again with a fine film of oil - then you will enjoy your pan, pot or any other cast iron product for a long time.

material: Cast Iron
Shipping weight: 12,70 kg
Item weight: 12,50 kg


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