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Full-Windsor Splitter - Camping Cooking Cutlery

SKU:  BE-FW-1063 Category:  Camp Kitchen

Spatula, ladle, frying or salad tongs, frying fork - the Full Windsor Splitter is all in one.

Meet the Splitter - your ultimate outdoor cooking companion. Made of titanium, it transforms from a spatula and ladle to tongs, making campfire and camping cooking a breeze. Versatile, compact and efficient, your culinary campanion for all outdoor activities. 

With just 50g and the small pack size, it does not weigh much when backpacking or in your motorhome and finds a place everywhere.

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Productinformation in detail

Introducing the Splitter - your new kitchen superhero for outdoor adventures. Made of high-quality titanium, this ingenious tool redefines campfire cooking. With a clever transformation, it changes from a spatula with beveled edge and sawn corner to a powerful pair of tongs. A small stainless steel pin serves as the key to this transformation, creating a firm grip for turning, flipping and serving. Even separately, the spatula and long spork prove their quality, offering ergonomic designs for scooping, slicing and enjoying. The Splitter isn't just a utensil - it's a versatile cooking companion that will take your outdoor culinary adventures to a new level.

Weighing just under 50 grams and with the perfect minimal pack size, the Full Windsor is the right campanion and versatile tool for your camping kitchen.

Why Titan you ask?

Titanium's sustainability is characterized by its durability, corrosion resistance and low environmental impact during manufacturing. Its exceptional strength and light weight mean fewer parts to replace and less waste. Titanium is also one of the easiest products to recycle, it can be reused over and over again with virtually no loss of quality, which incidentally also makes it much cheaper to use recycled titanium for new products.

material: titanium
Shipping weight: 0,07 kg
Item weight: 0,05 kg


  • compact, minimalist and lightweight design
  • two independent cooking utensils - spatula with beveled cutting edge | spoon
  • put together by stainless steel pin it becomes a pair of tongs
  • pure titanium tool-hardened, with polished, sandblasted surface
  • dishwasher safe


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