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All-In One - Polished cast iron frying pan with lid

SKU:  BB-1025 Category:  Camping dishes

Yes, you're right - a cast iron pan is not the lightest travel campanion you could choose - but honestly - it's just incredibly practical and fabulously versatile.

In combination with the ingenious lid, this good piece of kit is quickly transformed into a Dutch oven.

The pan lid is designed to do just that - a raised rim ensures that the coals you place on top stay put, the long handle makes it easy to pull the pan from the embers or fire even in extreme heat, and the sturdy copper handle on the top of the lid makes it effortless to remove or place the pan.

Let your culinary creativity run wild and use the cast iron skillet to your liking - for roasting, steaming, boiling or as a coal container and the lid as a frying attachment - for breakfast, lunch or dinner - we love our cast iron skillet and always have it on board. It is also the standard pan at home on the grill or stove.


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Productinformation in detail

Love of detail and durable products-that's what Barebones stands for.

Durable products are the key to conserving our resources, so why not rely on a proven manufacturing process that has been around for decades? This is exactly what cast iron cookware is all about. Their unparalleled heat retention and distribution make them true cooking talents, and the flavor that cast iron gives to any dish is simply incomparable.

Completely safe to use, they are pre-heated and treated with natural oils, without any synthetic non-stick coatings. Unpack, place on the grill or camp stove, and get cooking.

You know how it is: Some things just get better and better over time.

That's exactly what happens with a cast iron skillet - over time, cast iron develops its own all-natural nonstick coating that gets better and better over the years for fantastic aromas and flavors.

Maintenance couldn't be easier either - the best way to clean a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven is to wash it with warm water only - dry it thoroughly and re-lubricate it with a thin layer of sunflower oil or other oil that won't go rancid. Then you will enjoy your culinary campanion for a long time.

Now for our little insider's guide to solid fire:

Reheat your cast-iron pot, add oil and a little salt - let it cool down and clean everything with a soft cloth, then apply a thin layer of oil - and you will enjoy your pan, pot or other cast-iron product for a long time.

Color: black
material: Cast Iron
Shipping weight: 5,99 kg
Item weight: 4,72 kg


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