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Bottom Heater - The heated seat cushion for on the go | black

SKU:  OC-1004 Category:  Winter Camping

Outchair Bottom Heater - the heatable all-rounder for your outdoor adventure

As a heatable all-rounder, the Bottom Heater is the perfect campanion on the go.

✔ Up to 5 hours of mobile warmth for your buttocks and back

✔ Innovative infrared heat

✔ Water resistant and washable

✔ Lightweight and portable

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Productinformation in detail


Technische Spezifikationen

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Productinformation in detail

Heated seat cushion or seat pad for you alone or in pairs, perfect for outdoor use.

The all-rounder among Outchair's heated products.

Its soft finish and flexibility allow it to adapt to any seat or surface, be it on hard plastic seats in the stadium on cold days, warming in a wheelchair or flexible as a seat pad in nature. When unfolded, it can also be used as a warming double seat or as a warming pad in a sleeping bag. The Bottom Heater's soft padding makes it a comfortable seat pad even without the warming function. Its loops allow it to be carried as a pouch. And with a built-in side pocket, it is the ideal companion for any occasion.

Like all Outchair products, the Bottom Heater is heated with innovative wireless infrared heat, which in addition to the warming function also has a health-promoting effect*. The Bottom Heater is made of water-repellent material and can be used on damp, snowy and wet seating surfaces. Moisture, bending or rolling will not affect the technology inside.

Note: The Bottom Heater requires a backrest; the seat itself has no back support. The advantage is that it can also be used as a kind of mat.

  • Up to 5 hours of portable heat for your buttocks and back.
  • Can be used unfolded as a double seat or heat pad in a sleeping bag
  • Optimal on hard plastic seats at the stadium, in a wheelchair or in the outdoors
  • Innovative infrared technology provides comfortable and healthy heat
  • Water repellent and washable so can be used on damp seats
  • Moisture, bending or rolling will not damage the internal technology
  • Practical carrying straps and side pocket make it a great campanion


  • Dimensions: 4 x 40 x 40 cm-Included: Bottom Heater, Powerbank
  • Weight: 845 g (incl. power bank)
  • Warranty: 2 years back-up, 1 year power bank

* For more information, please refer to the infrared technology details.

! NOTE ! Do not store the product rolled up when it is turned on. Heat accumulation possible !
! NOTE ! The infrared heat radiation corresponds to the human body equivalent.
Therefore, the perception may vary depending on the room temperature or physical conditions.

Color: black
Sustainability: Resource conserving use
Shipping weight: 0,99 kg
Item weight: 0,99 kg


  • Material: Polyester, Schaumstoff 100%

Technische Spezifikationen

  • Eine leistungsstarke Combo 7.4V & 5V Lithium-Polymer Powerbank liefert je nach Heizstufe für bis zu 5 Stunden Energie
  • Da die Powerbank über einen zusätzlichen USB-Ausgang verfügt, kann sie außerdem zum Aufladen anderer Geräte verwendet werden
  • Sie hat eine Lebensdauer von mindestens 400 Ladezyklen
  • Kapazität: Blau (46°C; 5h), Grün (51°C; 3,5h), Rot (58°C; 2,5h)


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