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Barebones Cowboy Firepit 30" - Cowboy Grill | Woodfired Grill

SKU:  BB-1129 Category:  Camp Kitchen

Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit 30" Wood Grill for Wild West Barbecues

Back to the roots und back to nature - mit dem Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit wirst du zum 5 Sterne Outdoor-Grillchef.

  • Modular design for optimal use
    » Fire pit, grill & outdoor cooking station
  • Fire pit with four sturdy legs and a total height of 23 cm from the ground
  • Additional height-adjustable legs for a total height of up to 91 cm
    for optimal working height
  • Pole system consisting of 2 side poles and a cross pole for slow cooking or smoking and of course for hanging your most important utensils.
  • Height-adjustable grill grid with lock-in function to maintain optimum temperature ranges
  • Sturdy construction of high quality steel with high quality FDA approved paint for extreme temperatures

Ideal for wood and coal barbecues!


► Barbecue tray: Ø 76 cm | Height: 23 cm | Length from handle to handle: 89 cm
► 4 additional height adjustable feet with locking pins for a working height of 91.4 cm
► 1 crossbar, 2 side bars
► Height adjustable grill grid with locking function

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Productinformation in detail

Awaken the star chef in you with the Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit - the wood-fired barbecue for a real Wild West feeling

The Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit turns outdoor cooking into a real experience. Nothing could be more original than preparing your meals over an open fire, nothing grounds us like this kind of slow, enjoyable cooking. Where time is not an issue and the focus is not on eating quickly, but on the experience of consciously handling the ingredients and sharing that experience with each other.

The Cowboy Grill may be a throwback to another era, but thanks to collaboration with real outdoor chefs, it has all the features you need to prepare truly great meals.

Made of high quality steel, you get a product that, with the right care, will last a lifetime and provide you with unforgettable moments.

Why do chefs, whether ambitious home cooks or professional chefs, appreciate the Cowboy Grill?

Thanks to its sophisticated design, you don't just get one product, you get three:

► Fire Pit
► Barbecue grill
► Outdoor cooking station

Use the base as a fire bowl for a cozy campfire or as a place to keep your Dutch oven cooking. We don't need to tell you how to use it as a pure barbecue, but when combined with the ingenious pole system, it quickly becomes a real cooking station with a wide range of options. It is ideal for smoking, for example, or for hanging something on the crossbar that you want to cook slowly or simply keep warm.

With other optional accessories, such as the side-mountable table, you can have a direct storage surface, or use the second side bar for another grill rack.

Of course, the height-adjustable grill rack is ideal for maintaining the right distance from the heat source and the perfect temperature range for the food you are grilling.

The convenient pole system not only packs up beautifully small, but also offers a wide range of options when setting up. For example, it can be used to hang your most important utensils so that they are always within easy reach, and of course, it can be used directly above the fire bowl as an additional cooking option.

Shipping weight: 29,03 kg
Item weight: 28,00 kg


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