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Travelling with out besties

What to consider when travelling with a dog

Travel without a dog? Of course you can - but how boring would that be? 

Exploring the world together is not only wonderful, it makes you real paw partners - it bonds you, deepens your relationship, builds trust and brings back wonderful memories. 

But your travel campanion, like you, needs appropriate, safe and above all comfortable travel equipment to be well equipped for your explorations. 
At campanions, we specialise in providing you and your four-legged companion with sensible, sustainable travel accessories to make your outdoor adventures fantastic experiences together. 

What does your dog need when travelling?

Every animal is unique, with its own preferences and needs, so to find the right product for your pet, you should test it before you travel to make sure it is the right choice for your travel campanion. Of course, it's also important to think about what you'll be doing together - are you real outdoor adventurers who like to explore the world on foot with light luggage, a tent and only the bare essentials? Do you enjoy city breaks and sightseeing, or are you more the "I'd rather hang out on the beach and get the sun on my bib" type?

roadtrippin with dog
outdoor with dogs
travel gear for dogs
Travel equipment for dogs

Travel gear for dogs

Equipped for all furries - campanions has the perfect gear for your travel buddy.

Super active, out in all weathers, exploring our wonderful world? Then you will find a selection of high quality dog coats, dog overalls, dog bathrobes, dog rain jackets and yes, even lightweight dog sweaters to be perfectly equipped for any weather. Because, as they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. 

Climbing, trail running or just long hikes in the mountains are your favorite activities together? Then your canine campanion needs a comfortable, secure harness that not only keeps him safe with you, but also gives him the support he needs on steep climbs. 

Water and food on the go

Whatever your personal preferences, one thing is always true - whether you're in the mountains, in the city or by the ocean, your campanion absolutely needs to be able to drink water on the go to stay as hydrated as possible for your outdoor adventures. A lightweight, collapsible water bowl won't take up a lot of space in your purse, harness, or luggage, but it will ensure that you can provide your dog with fresh water, dry food, and wet food on the go. A collapsible water bottle with a filtration system should also be part of your dog's travel accessories, just as it is for you to have clean drinking water for both of you at all times.


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